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I love taking photos and enjoy having the opportunity to define moments in rural life, including family photos, business marketing, pets, marketing or recording a moment in history for your rural property, rural events, school and community functions.

The Family Photo!!!!!!!! I have to say I hate it, trying to get 5 people to all look half decent in one photo. Yeah right! Well Cheryl managed to get not one but heaps that we are really stoked with. I even enjoyed the actual posing for the photos as Cheryl was so relaxed with us that we actually had a good time and laughed quite a bit throughout what I thought was going to be an ordeal. Fun afternoon. Many thanks again Cheryl for our awesome photos. Lyn Kinloch - Whana Whana
(Contains 36 photos)
Beeby family portfolio 16th July 2016
(Contains 37 photos)
Sample photos portfolio Here are a few photos as examples. Many thanks to the friends who's land or faces appear!
(Contains 13 photos)
Alec & Anne's family portfolio Alec & Anne's Family photos
(Contains 11 photos)
Lyn & Pete's family portfolio Lyn & Pete's Family photos
(Contains 12 photos)
Arthur the pony and family portfolio Arthur is no longer with us but before he left my friend wanted some photos with her girls.
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